Why in-market leads are the future of advertasing
Written by Esteban Di Chiara on Jan. 17th 2019
Technology advancements have played an important role in business growth through modern history. We only need to look at the last 10 years to understand the direction in which businesses and consumers are moving. Advertising is fundamental to business growth, since it helps a business gain a majority market share when profits are limited. Yes, profits are limited in any field for a variety of reasons, but if we had to pinpoint one, I would definitely say that competition is the most important factor in splitting the profit pie.

Thus, if you have a small piece profit pie and new competition is entering the market every day, how do you grow and differentiate your practice from the upstarts? The answer is simple: you need to capture a bigger piece of the pie, which is easier said than done, but technology can help you achieve that goal by directing your advertising only to those people interested in your services. And that is exactly what we can do with in-market leads.

In-market leads use a proprietary technology unique to us, meaning we own it and are the only ones in the U.S. able to provide it to businesses regardless of size. Imagine a business owner gaining the capability to know at any time who is looking for his or her product or service and advertising to that group of people every day on any given media channel. If that capability doesn’t give you an unfair advantage over your competitors, I really don’t know what will.

How this is achieved, you may ask; the answer is very simple. We track over 250 million people online and collect 15 billion real time behaviors per day in your market. Then our algorithm processes the information to identify those looking for the services you offer so we can target them first and more consistently than anyone else. There was a time before the internet when people would go to the yellow pages or newspapers to find the services they needed; but today, almost 90% of purchases either for products or services start with researching online, meaning in order to win the biggest slice of the profit pie, you need to dominate online search. This is when we come in.

There are other extremely important benefits to using in-market data like the ability to target people on any media channel. Therefore, you are not controlled by the powerful suppliers -- Google and Facebook and their platforms, YouTube and Instagram -- since you own the data or the list of people who at any given moment are looking for what you are selling. Now don’t get me wrong: we are going to use these platforms to target the right people; but they will not own you, so you don’t lose control of your business growth.

Esteban Di Chiara 

Esteban helps Personal Injury Attorneys grow their business. He is an expert at helping Attorneys get clients using the latest technology available with a proprietary data-driven marketing system. If you're interested in using in-market leads strategy to grow and scale your practice then definitely reach out and request a free breakthrough session today.
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