What is the key ingredient in effective marketing?
Written by Esteban Di Chiara on Jan. 6th 2019
Consider the following question: you’ve seen 10,000 ads in the last 30 days. What if I ask you to name 5, could you? Effective marketing is as simple as being at the right place at the right moment. In this regard, repetition is a very powerful strategy. A famous Harvard study compared top U.S. companies in a specific niche to learn why one was more successful than the other. Then researchers looked at all possible metrics, and the only variable found that made one company more successful than another was the amount of money spent on advertising, which translates to: becoming “top of mind.”

Let’s dissect a scenario: two companies with similar products or services need to differentiate themselves in the marketplace? One of them could run an amazing and clever marketing campaign and produce great results, but if the other company focused primarily on being top of mind when the consumer is ready to pull the trigger, it will convert and grow at a higher rate. The reason is very simple: consumer memory is very short; to prove the point I once again ask, of the ads you have seen in the last week, how many can you recall and describe? Probably, 99% of you will say none; but if you are presented with the solution to a problem constantly at the exact moment you are looking for it, you will not only recall the service, but will also choose that service or product.

Okay, so as a service provider you would like to know, how to become top of mind in your audience. That is easy, you spend your way to become top of mind, BUT that is not efficient or practical unless you are a massive company and have a robust marketing budget that can afford such a move without affecting growth. But this is not the case for 95% of companies in the marketplace. If they don’t fight to obtain a bigger piece of the profit pie, they will see their market share reduced as time goes by…until they disappear. It is the principle of natural selection, where the strongest or fittest survive. There are exceptions, but for the purpose of this blog, we are only going to talk in general.

The good news for those who want to grow their business and not go bankrupt, is that technology in the form of in-market leads allows you to have the best marketing tool available today. This option can place your company in “top of mind” without breaking the bank, giving you an edge and advantage over the competition. Technology plays a decisive role in the future of marketing, and right now our economy is using 6.4 billion sensors. By 2020, this number will be over 20 billion and will get to a trillion soon after that milestone. Why is this important for marketing? Very simply, it is because we collect data through sensors; and the more data we have, the better we understand consumers and the more efficient marketing becomes.

Esteban Di Chiara 

Esteban helps Personal Injury Attorneys grow their business. He is an expert at helping Attorneys get clients using the latest technology available with a proprietary data-driven marketing system. If you're interested in using in-market leads strategy to grow and scale your practice then definitely reach out and request a free breakthrough session today.
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